Currently I am amused as hell watching an email exchange. I work for a good company with people who are in general very nice.

I’ve had a customer for a while that has been asking for us to make what seems like it should be a small change to our product tag. Frankly it’s a reasonable request and a program functionality that should have been built into the system. Note: it wasn’t built into the system.

Anyway my team has pursued the fix through all the levels of the required red tape. We are now at the testing and implementation stage. Or as Kosh put it “The Avalanche has started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.”

Well the pebbles are voting. Vociferously.

The project manager is politely as possible kicking back responses to “Don’t change it!” with some email Aikido that is settling ruffled feathers while pressing the change forward.

Lessons learned from this: 1) Being nice doesn’t mean weak or folding when you are right. 2) Working for a company that values employee input is nice. 3) Having project managers that know how to handle that input graciously is golden.