Flat tire

The image below is similar to the freaking little jack in the story below only this one is more robust looking than the one that came with the car…


I came home and noticed the car Wife drives had a flat. Of course it was cold and course was raining.  When does something like that ever happen when it isn’t?  However, No problem I have a good floor jack and nice dry well lit garage.

Unfortunately Plan A was disabled immediately.  The Roommate was asleep so we couldn’t access his key to move his truck to take the car into the back where the garage is.  OK, yes we could have woken him but by then the rain had stopped so the front drive way was just wet.  No need to wake the hard working roommate.

Moving on to Plan B I went to the garage to get the floor jack.  Turns out Wife’s daily driver is too low for floor jack so we decided to use the cars jack where the car is parked. Sure its dark and wet but we have flashlights and a tarp! Wife tried to get the lug nuts loosened, she really tried, but to no avail. After watching her struggle a bit I offered to take over. Yup I got the lugs loosened. I’ve done this before. (Ladies our legs are much more powerful than our arms. Stand next to the car and squat down. Grab the tire iron. Position your self so that you will be pulling up on the tire iron to loosen the nut (remember righty tighty lefty loosey) and make sure the socket is firmly seated on the lug nut.  Now holding on to the tire iron with your arms straight lift with your legs not your back.  Just loosen each nut a half turn.)

Once we had the nuts loosened just that little bit we positioned the car’s freaky little jack in place btw when I say freaky I mean I’d never seen a jack like this and I will never use one like it again. It looked like a one legged scissor lift.

We cranked away. Car was aaaalmost off the ground. There was a ping and groan then jack slips back under car. Well damn. Now the jack had been position properly but I suspect the wet ground let it slither out of position as the crank handle was turned just enough to cause it to slip and become pinned under the car.

On to Plan C! We used our other car’s jack (which is more robust and stable) to lift Wife’s car just enough to retrieve the freaky little jack. Then we lowered and re-positioned the good jack properly and cranked away. Did I mention ground was soaked and its very dark out front? Yes? Well I feel like I should mention it again because by this time even with the tarp on the ground we are both wet from the knees down.

Happily we got car lifted and tire changed out for full sized spare in like 30 seconds. But once on the ground we realized the Full sized spare is very under inflated. This is where having the right tool for the job paid off. I used my $19.95 handy dandy tire inflator that certain people (ahem Wife) had questioned the purchase of. Tada tire fixed. The original tire had a nail in it and needs to be fixed, Les Schwab will take care of that for free but the car also needs a new jack because that freaky little jacks threaded rod is definitely bent.

So Three jacks, one inflator, two flashlights, one wet tarp, three plans, and four wet knees later. The tire is changed.