The Marriage Question


I listen to podcasts throughout most of the day to keep me company while I work. There are 30 or so that I have pushed to my phone; some NPR shows, some Maker podcasts, some serialized fiction/podiobooks, a prepper show, and a couple of random indepent talk shows. Since most podcasts come out once a week or every other week that amount gives me a good mix where i usually have 3 or 4 hours of solid listening available per day.

Yesterday a friends podcast went live. Normally I dread that kind of thing because if you don’t like something you are always left with the need to either lie or possibly hurt someone feelings. Happily I get to say I liked the podcast very much. They put out two episodes right away. An Intro “why we are doing this” episode and then their first standard format episode. The production values are crisp and clear. The banter is interesting and amusing. The two hosts manage to stay on track for the most part which keeps the show moving right along. The first standard format episode is a bit over and hour long but it was engaging enough that I kept listening without getting bored.

The show is “The Marriage Question” you can find it on iTunes or the link in this post. I highly recommend giving the show a try. It sounds like the exploration of “trying to understand why it [marriage] works in some situations and why it utterly fails in others” is going to be quite a ride.