This summer we inherited two cats from my cousin. He was moving across country and couldn’t take them. One cat is threes year old, a solidly built Siamese mix with a sweet disposition and a very easy purr. Her name is Maple. The other is a dainty little orange tabby who is ten years old named Bessie.


I like cats and these two are no exception however I currently have a dog. The dog was raised with cats. She also likes cats however she is a bit overly enthusiastic for these two, who are more timid than those she was raised with. Our first couple of months were a little bit touch and go. Now everyone has settled into new roles and habits mostly. The dog is still overly enthusiastic but she usually doesn’t chase the cats much and the cats generally stay either on us, or above ground level on the furniture or on their cat tree. Happily the cats have all their claws so if the dog is bothering them they can swat her which has now happened and emboldened them since her reaction was to yip and runaway.


My little Bessie is an interesting cat. She is sweet but very vocal in her demands. She is also deaf. Generally when I’ve had a cat it meows for attention. I would answer it back and the cat will usually come to me or attempt to trip me if I was walking by winding through my legs. Either was fine as the cat was no longer meowing . Bessie is stone deaf, probably slightly nearsighted, has no teeth and frankly gets lost if people leave the room she is in and she doesn’t see them go. She also has the loudest most annoying meow you have ever heard.

So When Bessie meows it can’t be ignored. And calling to her is useless. If she is facing away from you she can’t see your lips move. If she is facing me I wave to her which sort of gets the point across to her that someone is paying attention but not always. Remember I said she is slightly nearsighted. However miss Bessie does have something that totally makes up for the ear splitting screech. When you pet her she coos.

Its adorable! She purrs and coos at the same time. My annoyance just melts away when I walk up to her loud self. I reach down to pet her and she bumps my hand with her head and coo-purrs. All is right with the world.