I don’t intend to discuss politics on this blog. Don’t get me wrong at some point I may digress into some wildly liberal, tree hugging, LGBTQI agenda loving, Feminist rants but for now I am so very burnt out on raving about politics. Also others are doing a much better job expressing the things I want to say than what I can come up with so I will stick to my probably sorta true stories.

You should be able to tell from these posts that I lean to the left on most things but if you want to know what party I am thats a discussion best left for people I actually know face to face. I’m not sure anything is gained anymore talking politics online. Because really when it comes right down to it, it’s about the belief that one side knows the best way to accomplish what both sides think needs to be done.

So while I might succumb at some point to ranting about some injustice or the other that’s not my intent. You will find this blog to be a little bit of a haven from such things as blatant policial ravings. In fact let me promise you right now that I will clearly mark any post that is a political rant as such so you can skip over it if you wish. I think that’s fair. However since I’ve given myself permission to write whatever I want I never want to restrict myself from a topic even if I think right now I won’t write about it. So fair is fair. Let there be catagories!