maninchairMusically I have a wide variety of tastes but my favorite genre is what is called Epic. You hear a lot of Epic genre music in your everyday life. Snippets of songs are used for movies and movie trailers. Video games use a ton of Epic genre music. I’ve even heard a bit of some familiar pieces in TV shows and commercials. I enjoy a lot rock, pop, celtic, dubstep, a bit of rap, 90s alternative, along with Kodo drums and smattering of cross over country. I am not a big heavy metal fan but I appreciate the genre for it bold lyrics and passionate music. Heavy metal artists really don’t get enough credit for their musical abilities.

I’ve been know to spend days listing to Joe Satriani’s Surfing with the Alien then switch out to John Tesh’s live at Red Rock. I’ll throw in some Pink followed by Depeche Mode and come back around to the soundtrack to Mad Max Fury Road then hop on to Men at Work and Power Station. My mixes will include “the day the squirrel went berserk” and “Wonder Woman’s Wrath”. I love the variety and the emotional landscape the music provides for that channel in my brain that’s always running some sort of background drama. Maybe that’s why Epic appeals to me so much. That background channel is always on. Who wouldn’t want it filled with adventures set to epic music scores?

Another reason I like the genre is how it fills the room when it’s played at volume. Two Steps from Hell’s – Strength of a Thousand Men has a nice slow build that crescendos with a piece that makes me feel like I’m the guy in the chair in the picture above. Regardless of the style of music I am listening to it for the feelings that it evokes. I am not usually in the mood for sappy slow songs or laments about how your dog died and the bank repossessed your truck. I am sure that’s fine music too but it’s not what I’m after.

Give me a driving beat that make my blood pump. Give me a full orchestra filled with passionate musicians. Give me a choir singing as one. Then crank the volume up till you can feel the bass in your gut while the music evokes images of gods and monsters battling each other with the very elements themselves. Yeah, thats Epic