Just a short update to share happy news

We’ve been worried about our goofy puppy. She was having a very dry nose that was peeling and cracking. When we took her to the vet they started out with the most common and easy to fix treatment of a steroid cream. Have you ever tried to rub something on your dog’s nose?

It worked the way putting lotion on cracked dry skin works but didn’t solve the underlying problem. As soon as we stopped applying the cream the nose quickly got bad again. Back to the vet she went. This time for a biopsy. They had to knock her out to take it, poor thing. Man was she pissed off at us when we brought her home. We did however opt for the pain meds for the treatment so she wasn’t in pain. Who doesn’t opt for pain meds for their dog?

We had to wait for the results to come back but I just got a call from the vet. He was very happy to tell me it wasn’t an autoimmune disease as he’d feared but a much rarer deep tissue bacterial infection. While that may sound bad its very treatable with a two week course of antibiotics. Not fun for us to get her to take the pills. (she’s an expert at not taking them) but yay for treatable. He was worried it was autoimmune which would mean lifelong medication for her.

This type of infection works on the soft tissues of the nose, lips and anus which explains her sudden interest in her butt. My poor baby has been highly uncomfortable! Anyway my wife or I will pick up the meds and get her started on treatment. In a couple of weeks Daisy Dog should be good as new!

Yay modern medicine!


    1. We did try peanut butter. She would lick it about in her mouth and spit out the pill.

      Turns out our go to move is to get some of the wet food that’s like a paste. We put the pill in a chunk of it. Then we get her to sit for a treat and give her a chunk with out the pill in it. Then we have her do another trick and give her the piece with the pill in it.

      It feel like cheating but it works and it gets her to take the medication with the least amount of fuss.

      Note: she cant see us put the pill in the piece or she will try eat around it.

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