Freefall is a three panel strip about an alien, a robot, an AI wolf-person, and a off world colony. The comic first went up at the end of March in 1998 as a black and white strip with semi regular posts through 2014. I would say the past 4 years have been extremely regular coming out two or three times a week. In 2006 this delightful strip added color.

I’m not sure how I stumbled across this story but I haven’t regretted it. It’s has stayed oddly topical as it explores the complex results of Humans and A.I.interactions and the ideas of greed and inter species ethics. I highly recommend it for those high level ideas along with the fact that it is genuinely fun and amusing without being preachy.

Another feature of the strip is that while yes it is only 3 panels at a time the artist takes his time with the story. Conversations between characters can take multiple days to play out . In fact while the strip has been going for 20 years I dont think more than a month or two of time has passed in the strip. The story never seems like it’s slow or bogged down. Progress happens organically, while each strip has its own punchline, it adds to the whole of the story being told. That’s no easy feat.

Below I’ve posted first strip of the collection. The whole story isn’t done yet and I hope for many more adventures with Sam, Helix and Florence before it is. Please click on through and check it out. And feel free to leave recommendations in the comments about your favorite online comics.

First Strip

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