You don’t Really like me

Let’s face it a lot of people on the internet are selling something. Whether it be some revolutionary weight loss system or some political/religious bullshit. Most of the time they are just managing their personal brand. You see it all the time with Celebrities. I am not immune because I realize that this blog is my brand. Yes, I have thought about how I want to portray my brand with my posts. I’ve been around the internet in one form or another for long enough to understand how brands work. I’m more aware of it now than I used to be.

As a general rule of thumb I am just writing for my own sake. I have given myself permission to just write what I want to write and to explore where that takes me. Having an audience and goals helps to keep me disciplined. I think I put out better quality writing if I think someone else may ready what I write. My hope is that others enjoy it or find it helpful to them but that is not my main goal of writing which gives me the freedom to pursue tangents or ideas in my posts that otherwise I wouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean that I am not aware of brand power.

I’ve chosen to post to the public forum of WordPress without any restrictions other than moderating comments. Anyone can stumble across my blog and read what I’ve put up. Through the programming offered on WordPress I’ve made it so that my posts go out to Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and several other platforms so I am casting a wide net for readers. Mostly people I already know, yes, I get that. However I am also using tags that make my posts pop up on some feeds/trends. That’s called letting the algorithm work for you.

What I don’t do is go to other blogs and click “Like” on posts just to possibly get a “Like” back. I do not click “like” unless I actually Like the post. Robo “liking” other’s blogs may be a away to gain eyeballs but it doesn’t feel genuine to me. I don’t want to Appear to be trendy or popular. I want to Actually be trendy or viral or popular for reals. Yes, I do look at my sites stats, especially when I receive a notification of a new follower or “like”. WordPress sends this message that says “so and so has liked your post. They think it’s kinda Awesome why don’t you go look at their blog!”

Kill me now. It’s not even based off of something I’ve entered as an interest in a profile. Here I am writing about my cats and someone “likes” it so I am encouraged to go look at their blog about why worms are the next great food source or why naturopathy will prove the Illuminati exist? I think not. I have more intelligence and control over what I want to read then the clumsy marketing machine hopes to make me think I do.

So if you’ve stumbled upon this blog and have read this far I hope you enjoy my posts. It would be great if you let me know by clicking like or commenting with your own thoughts. If you don’t like what I’ve written that’s fine too. You are an intelligent human being who deserves respect anyway. Perhaps you will find something to peak your interest in the future. Thank you for your time.