Dude, Every day?

When I started this blog I had one goal. Write. Write consistently and write often. Fairly quickly I discovered I had a lot of ideas for posts. From my experience I know that all ideas don’t always make the best posts. Some pieces take longer to make ready for posting while others just pour forth ready to go up. Some pieces get written only to end up in the “oh no” pile. I’ve got a list on my phone for post ideas that I can refer to whenever I need inspiration. I also have 3 to 5 posts in various stages of doneness in the drafts folder.

What I didn’t expect is that I would have enough output to be posting every single day. I had expected to post 3 to 4 times a week with breaks on the weekends. I am kinda jazzed to find I’m cranking out posts quickly enough to be able to put them in the scheduler forward a couple of days. Being able to do that removes some of the stress I was feeling about the need to write every day And produce content worthy of posting. My current rate of productivity lets me take a day off or spend time just working on longer posts that need editing without having to break my content chain.

So now I have a goal to keep that content chain going for as long as possible. I just want to see how long I can go. I don’t want to add any undue pressure on myself. I remind myself that no one will lose any money or die or become tragically depressed if I miss an update. I do get that kind of “squee” feeling each time I wake up and see that my next post has gone up. It’s a little shot of Yay Me! At the start of every day. I’ll take it! I’ve been depressed I’ll take all he good I can generate in my life as it is.

So yeah Dude, every day. Lets see how long I can go.