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So evidently WordPress has a app. I got the email that’s says try doing posts from your phone and I was like what? From my phone?

Yep! I guess this is like micro blogging or something. I don’t know. I’m not hip enough to know for sure. It feels very different. Much less formal to put together a post from my phone. Thankfully the spell checker is just as robust since I’m not a great typist on my phone. OK so I’m not a great typist with a regular keyboard either. Most of the things I write are like little essays. Though that may be insulting essays. So it seems a little strange to be doing this informal post. It feels more like social media than what I’ve come to feel this blog is like stylistically.

Also it bothers me a little that I cant see as much of the layout as I can on the big screen. But eh I’ll get over it. So this is me, posting a little something from the old phone. Booya baby!

Now to test the settings to see if I can access all of the same things and schedule this here post to go up when I want it to. If I managed to do it correctly it should have posted early Monday Morning.

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