Being sick sucks ass.

My wife works with kids so we get exposed to more than our fair share of colds and flu’s. We are diligent about hand washing and getting our vaccinations but one or two usually slip through our defenses.

My wife’s first year of teaching I am pretty sure we never had more than a week between illnesses. That is evidently pretty common for a teacher’s first year.

Following years were better. Good hygiene and a robust set of immune systems has meant we get a lot fewer illnesses. Because seriously if she gets something I am really likely to get it too. I get about 70% of what ever she has had and usually it doesn’t hit me as bad.

That is why I am highly annoyed that right now I am down with a massive head cold that’s trying to get into my ears. Happily I have a job where the boss is like “Dude if you have a fever do not come in.” I don’t have to worry about pay or getting guilt. This place has figured out that if you don’t come to work while contagious you don’t spread it around the office which means fewer sick days all around.

This is a company wide enlightened self interest policy btw. The bean counters figured out that healthy employees cost less than sick ones so our health plan actually works towards that. Along with supporting the mangers for telling us to stay home if sick instead of penalizing them for it. It takes a lot of the fear and stress out of getting or being sick.

Ok back to under the pile of blankets for me.

Wash your hands people. It helps!