Chain chain chain

Between being sick and writing my Wrong Side series posts I have fallen behind on my writing. I don’t have anything else queued up so you all get a quick stream of consciousness post for today. Kind of a clearing the pipes to make further progress go better exercise .

It’s been a bit over a month since I started this blog. I’ve managed to have something up every day and I intend to continue that. I want to continue with and improve the quality of the writing. I didn’t start out with a theme but I see that I kind of do have a couple. I have a family, I’m gay, I have pets, and I have job. That’s where most of my stories come from so those are going to make up my themes. The stories about how religion and being gay collide are the ones that take the most out of me emotionally to write. Being in that headspace now that I am happy and healthy and free is draining. That’s partly why I’ve broken up the Wrong side series in to parts.

Those stories need to be told though. I know there are still people out there that think that being gay is a choice or that God can change a gay person and make them straight. There are parents who reject their own child because of a book. That’s why I think it’s important for people to see the from the inside what it’s like to walk through that life with that value set and its consequences.

It’s also important to see that life can be fun and fulfilling. That our friends, families, and animal companions can provide us with a wealth of love and experiences that are worthwhile in the having. I am very much pro-human being. I think that we are an amazing species with a huge capacity for all types of things, some of them the very definition of evil but mostly we are filled with the potential for greatness. Just the fact that we exist at all is amazing. We have such short lives and yet we can impact so many others in that time. It is astounding.

Well then. Yep clearing the pipes brings out a plethora of things evidently. I am looking forward to writing more posts.I hope you are enjoying reading them.

Remember if you don’t like something I write that is fine. I still think you are a worthwhile and valuable thinking human being. I hope that you will come back and read other posts that you do like.

And if you do like something please let me know by commenting or clicking the like button. I’m casting this out in to the public sphere in the hope that it will connect for someone. It helps me to know if that happens.

Thank you for your time and attention.