General update

I am recovering from a massive head cold. I still have the snuffles which is annoying as fuck but most of my energy has returned. Last weekend I was still pretty low key. I’d been out sick from work for two and a half days then gone back to work on Friday to try and get caught up. I sounded like a frog, one that sneezed every 2 minutes and had been smoking for twenty years. I was over the fever portion of the cold but still felt like I’d been run over by a freight train. I am not ashamed to say I was ready for bed at like 8 pm on Friday night.

Saturday and Sunday I was very low energy even though the weather was fantastic all I really wanted to do was vegetate in front of the TV alternating that with napping while upright. My wife and the Boy unfortunately were ready to be active. There is a point in being sick where you feel well enough to look like you aren’t dying but when you expend energy you quickly become drenched in sweat and start feeling like crap. I was at that point.

I tried to help out my wife with her projects, one was cleaning out the front coat closet. The other was of adding shelves in the storage room. Both times was me being upright and helpful for 5-10 minutes before I started dripping sweat and needing to sit down. I was totally good for sitting there and keeping her company but this woman was operating at speed so it was best I was out of the way. I tried to be supportive and effusive with my praise between needing to blow my nose.

For the past couple of years we have been weeding through our stuff. We are not minimalists but my natural tendencies lean towards a spartan well ordered environment while hers lean towards colorful, soft and cluttered. The combination of the two has improved both of our lives. I now have color and cushions in my life and she has a neatness she’s always wanted but didn’t quite have to the extent I perpetrate.

Now we are quick to discard or donate anything we don’t use or that has become obsolete or broken. When we find a place in the house that has started gathering things we no longer use it gets sorted and emptied. Twenty seven mid-weight blankets? Keep our two or three favorites the rest go to Goodwill. There is always a bag by the front door for clothes that the boy outgrows or that we find we no longer wear.

This past weekends project emptied out the games closet of board games we no longer play. The nice, complete, and undamaged games are going to a new community center project. We didn’t really need three sets of Chess anyway. We never played a couple of the games more than once, not because they aren’t fun but because if we have the choice we will always pick similar but different games we like more. We kept the games we liked more and got rid of the others. So Parcheesi stayed and Sorry went. Uno stayed and Skip Bo went. The 3 decks of ultra worn out Playing Cards went in the trash and we opened the two new sets that had been sitting in the box for years. By the time my wife was done with the sorting there were three very full bags of games ready to be donated.

Now when we turn on the light in the games closet we can see what we have. The games on the shelves won’t topple over on you if you try to pull out Catan. All of the crappy plastic poker chips have been discarded since the cleaning unearthed the nice Poker Chip Set that had been buried behind 50 other things. If you just want to play Yahtzee you can find the game pads, dice cup AND all the dice without digging through all the games. My wife does good work.