Side Hustle

Everybody needs money to survive nowadays. A lot of time our main job doesn’t provide quite enough for everything we want to do. That’s where things like a Side Hustle comes in handy. My Dad was a great one for teaching me the benefits of a Side Hustle. He always had some sort of thing going on that made him extra cash. Usually it was something that didn’t take him anymore than an extra couple of minutes or so a day.

Driving down the highway and see a hubcap? Pick it up and toss it in the trunk. Get home store it in the garage. In a couple of months take a day and clean them all up. The next day sell the whole load of them to the junk dealer who sells them to the public. Boom money in the pocket. Time in? Maybe 8 hours in a month. Money back? Maybe more than a hundred dollars if the caps are in good condition.

Walking the exterior of a golf course for exercise and notice a place where golfers hit the ball out of bounds a lot? Gather the lost balls up, wash them, package them four to a baggie, then hang out outside the fence near one of the tees and sell them to the golfers for cheap. Time in? Maybe a couple of hours not including the nice exercise time of the walk. Money back? A nice bit of walking around cash.

Those were just a couple of the easy to recall small ones. But what it taught me is there is always a way to monetize just a little bit of extra effort on my part. Also, Never depend on just one revenue stream. Be aware of opportunities that your environment may provide you with a non traditional way to fill a need.

Some common ones would be taking back bottle recycling, scrap metal hauling, and if you enjoy rebuilding things try refinishing garage sale furniture then reselling for a profit. Here’s a current one a lot of digital natives do. Monetizing their blogs and websites through ads or affiliate programs. You may have seen me use it on this blog already.

This is a great way to make use of something that you may already be doing that with a little extra effort can be turned in to cash for your time. But it does require you to be on your toes and awake to the opportunity. Thanks Dad for teaching me that.