Movie Review: Black Panther made me sad


First off I enjoyed this movie. The story was average. The look of it was fantastic. The action was good. The overall feel of the movie left me hopeful. It had a couple of trite spots but hey its a superhero movie so those are to be expected. I liked the hero’s arc a of man born to privilege coming to understand the responsibility of his station and the decisions his ancestors made that got him there. I really liked that the bad guy wasn’t evil. Would I recommend it to anyone else? Yes please go see this movie.

So, Why did it make me sad? Well I really wish Wakanda existed. That it had a wise ruler with magically awesome technology and a super smart sister. I really want a Wakanda that is working to bring the world together.

I look at the superhero genre as our modern day mythology. The way the greeks, romans, norse, and other cultural groups had a mythology that explained the world and told stories about archetypes. They are our gods and monsters, our heros that we hope represent the best of us and that we can aspire to be like. The best of them are flawed humans overcoming their own fears to triumph through willing sacrifice to save the day.

This movie was filled with people I would be proud to be like or to have my child grow up to be like. It felt like a place I wanted to exist the way I wished The Star Wars Universe, Pern, Dune, Middle Earth, or Hogwarts existed. So it made me sad to finish the movie and come back to reality where the richest country on earth is so fractured that it can’t see we are all one tribe.