How Gramma met Grampa

My sister came for a visit this weekend. It was very nice to see her and talk for awhile. She brought me some pictures of our family that I hadn’t seen in a while. One of the pictures was this handsome devil.


The picture reminded me of the story my Gramma told me one day. This is the story as I remember it. I hope you enjoy.

One summer morning I was sitting by the window of the front room where Leona and I were staying when I saw this handsome fella walk by with his lunch pail and tool belt. He had thick wavy dark hair. He looked tall and strong.

I said, “Leona look at him!” and Leona gave a wolf whistle, she always was the fresh type. Well, we figured he must be one of the fellas working on the the house down the street. They was building a brand new big house and there was a lot of them work men what came down our street on the way from one of the boarding houses in town.

Well I decided right then that I wanted this young man to court me so I set about figuring a way for him to meet me. Leona helped me cause like I said she was the fresh type. She was always ready to get us in trouble!

So I went and put on one of my nice dresses then Leona helped me do my hair real nice. When quitting time came Leona went to the upstairs window and watched down the street for when the men was leaving the big house. When she saw my fella coming down the street she waved to me in the front yard. I was ready with the lemonade what we had made earlier and kept cold in the ice box. I set myself down on the lawn in the shade of our big tree and fluffed out my dress so I was showing just a little bit of leg.

Here he comes just as handsome as you please, that tool belt over his shoulder. He was sweaty and dirty from his days work so I knew he was an honest man and not no layabout. Well I smiled at him and said hello and he smiled back and said hello. Oh what a nice voice he had!

“Day sure is hot isn’t it” I said, “looks like you could use something cold to drink.” and offered him some of my lemonade with the ice in it.

He come up in the yard and we did some talking. He was sweet and funny. When he finished his drink he asked if he could come see me again and I said that would be swell.

And that is how my Gramma told me she met my Grampa


Gramma in her bathing suit after they got married


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