WM’s know how to party

I turned 21 on a Marine base. I was TAD (Temporary Assigned Duty) to a school at Marine Air Corps Station Tustin in California for the helicopter I would be working on. I arrived the day before my birthday and mentioned it to my bunkmates that morning as we were all getting ready to head to class. By the time class was out and we were heading to the chow hall for dinner a group of four WMs (Women Marines) had adopted me and made a plan to help me celebrate my 21st birthday.

I can say I know had a lot of fun that night but I don’t remember a lot about it besides loud music, line dancing (I’ve never line danced before or since) and stumbling back to the barracks while singing a country music song, loudly, and off key. Also I have a vague recollection of jello shots. I am pretty sure we were stopped by base security but when they were confronted with 6 to 8 drunk WM’s escorting my skinny little wasted Navy ass back to my room we were let go with a warning to be quieter.

I woke up with a hangover that made me wish I were dead and the inability to locate the loafers I had worn out the previous night. My rack also had a balloon tied to it. Thankfully I had no new tattoos or other obvious issues from the celebration so I chalked the loafers up as a sacrifice to the party gods and called it even.

If you ever have the chance to party with a group of female Marines I suggest you try it but be prepared to lose your shoes for the good of the mission!