Uncle Fester


The Addams Family was a cultural fixture of my TV watching life growing up. Gomez and Morticia were my examples of loving engaged parents that cared deeply for each other. Grandmama was always around and there was that kooky Uncle Fester to hang with. The kids were both weird and understood by their parents.

I was delighted by the movies that came out. The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values, nailed the weirdness the whole show had embraced. Some of my favorite scene were of Gomez and Morticia’s relationships dynamics. I always hoped that my relationship with my spouse could remain as vital.

Alas even though I try for Gomez’s suave, if over the top, romanticism I still sometimes come off more Uncle Fester who’s great claim to fame is being able to put a light bulb in his mouth and light it up. I am lucky my wife has a high tolerance for kooky.