Recommendation: Altered Carbon (Netflix Series)

altered-carbon-netflix-tv-movies-mainRecommendation: Altered Carbon (Netflix Series)

Holy shit I am enjoying the fuck out of this series. I would have binged it all the way through if my wife would have let me but instead we watched it in 2 episode chunks across 5 days. I guess that’s a good way to do it because then pieces of the story sink in. I will be watching it all the way through again to catch the little things that are in frame but that aren’t as clear as to what they actually are until later in the season.

The setting for the story centers around a main concept that humans can now live forever by downloading their consciousnesses into this alien technology that then can be inserted in another body. Which is all fine and dandy but new good bodies are expensive. And you can only have so many different bodies before you go insane. But that’s not the case if you can manage to afford a clone. Basically that means only the really rich can really live forever. Which means they can manage their wealth longer and therefore make more money becoming even richer. Real Death no longer comes for the wealthy. The gap between the haves and have nots is brutal. Money is a way around all issues. Kill someone? No problem just pay for a new body for them.

Society has a lot of nice gizmos and toys but only for the really wealthy. Everything is based on if you have the funds to survive. The story in this setting is basically a mystery that feels like a cyberpunk noir setting with flashbacks that reveal more and more of the characters motivations for some real gut punches later on. This is good Speculative fiction that doesn’t leave you feeling like there is no hope for humanity at the end of it.

Watch it then tell me what you think!

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