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Oops I did it again

I did it to myself again. Overscheduled. It was kinda not my fault a little bit but I should have compensated and push back some time with friends so I had more free time this weekend. First there was month end reports which mena extra hours at work then work was a bit more hectic than usual because we have a price increase we are working through.

Friday I stayed up late because I wa having a hard time getting to sleep which was bad because Saturday was the boys participation in National History Day with his group project that he’s been working on all school year. It started early and turned into an all day thing. Then Sunday was visit with one of my favorite high energy people. Which was awesome! We were going to play games but instead played the getting caught up game which means we chatted away with each other for the entire time instead of getting down with some board games.

Now I’m winding down finally and looking forward to an evening alone when the wife will be out at a concert and I can just hang out and read. Or as I like to call it Introvert recharge time!

I must not forget my introvert mantra though 1 thing a weekend is not bad!

The care and feeding of an introvert