Being made uncomfortable is never fun. But sometimes it is necessary to place myself in the way of ideas or concepts that make me uncomfortable in order to grow my spirit.

I enjoy writing my stories about things that have happened to me. I hope others find them interesting and funny too but they do not make me particularly uncomfortable to write. There is no real ‘stretch and grow’ emotionally for me when I write them. Sure they do provide me with the technical practice of writing a piece start to finish but my inner self isn’t challenged or made to really dig in to the subject to get it down in writing. Of course that may be a clue that I need to go deeper when doing that kind of writing.

I am even fairly comfortable talking about being gay. Not so much the parts of coming out that sucked ass but in general it’s not life altering to dig up those memories now. In fact it’s useful to remind myself sometimes that, hells yes it was hard, and it did suck, and it’s so much better now than it was. That is its own kind of growth.

I’ve mostly steered away from current events and politics in these pieces because there are usually better written articles out there that say what I feel. The piece about what it means to be a responsible gun owner though wouldn’t leave me alone until it was out. It made me uncomfortable to write. But it was more uncomfortable to leave it inside. I don’t usually talk about owning guns or enjoying shooting them with people unless I’m face to face. My opinion has always been more nuanced than “Ban all Guns!” or “ No rules to infringe on my 2nd amendment rights!” It’s been hard to find that nuanced conversation lately.

Am I now going to be all serious all the time? Politics and Homosexual Agendas abounding?

Nah! Just be aware that I might need to update the FAQ to include my penchant to seek out some uncomfortable subjects just for the growth it may provide me to think and write about them.

As always your time and energy in reading is appreciated.

If this blog is not to your liking thank you for your time. I hope you come back to try again later.