little vs long

I am discovering that most of the stories I want to tell are longer than I have time to write in one day. This is conflicting greatly with my desire to post something every day. So I either need to break up the stories into sections, which I’ve done for a couple of posts, or I need to figure out how to be more concise.

I am not a concise person when it comes to writing stories.

So what to do? Abandon my posting every day? Increase  my time writing? Unfortunately I don’t have a ton of more time in my day I can give over to writing to create content faster. I have this pesky thing called a job that requires that I actually work at in order to receive money to pay bills. This blog doesn’t pay bills. I have barely monetize anything about it yet. Any adds you see are strictly for WordPress’s gain not mine.

So this post is a delaying tactic while I consider my options and get some more writing done. I’ve picked most of the low hanging fruit from my short short stories. I could roll over into ranting about politics but I am loath to go there. So quality or quantity? Can I manage both?

Stay tuned!

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