Post Frequency

Okay so after 62 days in a row of posting I’m going to have to pull back a on the reigns a little bit.  Like I said yesterday the pieces I am now writing are taking me longer than a day to finish.  Mostly because I only have so much free time during the week to write.  Weekends also have priorities that override spending more than a couple of hours writing.  Darn that whole loving and being engaged with my family thing.

So I call Format Change!

Here is how this will work.  During the week, Monday thru Friday, I may or may not post depending on if I have something to rant about or a little something to share about my feelings or process.  Saturday will be for reviews or recommendations.  If I have nothing to review or recommend there will be no post.  Sunday will be either a chapter in a longer story or a full piece itself.

My site stats review tells me that Sunday night is when most people check out the blog.  it also tells me which type of posts are the most read.  I seem to be doing okay with my Categories and Tagging SEO because folks are still finding and reading me.

I Love writing something every day.  I love that its a new habit that I’ve prioritized the time for. I also need to make sure that doing this blog doesn’t become a job that drains me or that I resent.  So Self Care it is.  I still have a place to come where I can cast my voice into the hurricane of content that is generated every day but that I can do it without the pressure of Having to do it while still having the option open to doing it.  Well that was convoluted! The short version is: I intend to nourish my joy.

I also love having a goal as motivation so having Sundays as my day to post as a goal for each week seems really reasonable.

Okaydokey thanks for your time and attention and please if you dont enjoy the current blog entry try back later !