So my dog has M.R.S.A

Actually she has the doggy equivalent of it meticillin resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius please read up on it from an actual expert and don’t just go with what I say. Below is a link to a PDF that is pretty comprehensive and balanced in its presentation of what M.R.S.P. is and does.

A couple of months ago Daisy started having a very sudden interest in her butt. Like most dogs she would occasionally lick her butt but in general this hadn’t been a thing. Suddenly it was a thing. She’d be lying asleep on the couch then suddenly hop up and off it and begin trying to twist around to first sniff her but then lick it. We ended up taking her to the vet where they expressed her anal glands which appeared to give her some relief for a little bit.

It was shortly after that that we noticed her nose seemed really dry. She started to develop flaky spots. Back to the vet we went. It was thought she either had a allergic reaction to something or a mild cold. We were given a topical steroid cream to put on her nose. It only sorta of helped. After that course of treatment we ended up back at the vet where it was decided that they needed small biopsy from her nose. Unlike with humans where you can explain to the patient why you are coming at them with a needle and a knife our poor baby had to spend a day at the vet and get knocked out with anesthesia before they could get the biopsy.

The biopsy was sent out to the lab. About a week later I get a call.

The vet informs me that Daisy has a deep soft tissue infection that affects the anus, lips and nose. Which explains some things. The good news is they can treat the infection with some antibiotics. Yay! Btw by this time we are about $500 in on vet bills which is pretty reasonable considering the back and forth and lab work. For those not in the know there is this thing called care credit that is for exactly things like this. For me it means I don’t have to forgo treatment for Daisy until my payday we can just do it.

The antibiotics start clearing up her nose immediately. Everything seems hunky dory until we get to the end of the course of treatment and all but a small patch on her nose is healed. No big deal right. Now that the infection is knocked down it should heal on its own right? No such luck people!

About a week later and we are at the emergency vet because the infection seems to have come back strong and now there is a lot of mucus and wheezing. The emergency vet take a swab to send out their lab and puts Daisy back on the antibiotics that were helping and sends us home with a snotty dog and a another $500 charge. Emergency Vets are expensive y’all. However over the next few days the wheezing goes away but our poor fur baby’s nose is swollen.

A little more than a week later the Emergency Vet calls us back with the results of the swab. Doggy M.R.S.A.

Well fuck.

Treatment is a month long course of a different stronger antibiotic, 3 pills twice a day for 30 days. The first bottle is only for two weeks and cost over a hundred dollars so we will have to get that refilled shortly. Ouch. The thing is, it’s definitely working already. The swelling is going down and her nose is clearing up. I’m thankful for that because if it doesn’t work the next step was I.V. antibiotics.

The nightmare isn’t over though even though it looks like it’s going to be soon. We’ve cancelled a family members visit because they would be bringing their dog and the family members immune system might be compromised as well. We don’t want to expose anyone else to this. The neighbor thinks his dog may have had it and someone down the block has a cat they are dealing with this with.

Collectively there is going to be some serious disinfecting and social isolating of animals for the next couple of months to try to keep everyone healthy. Our cats are due for a vet visit anyway so Swabs and lab tests for everyone!

Wish us luck and good science!