100 Day Project Day 4

I am beginning to understand why I have no photography skills.  I used to assume that photography meant you were inspired to take pictures by your surroundings.  I know my ex-husband (a more than passable photographer) seemed inspired to endlessly take pic after pic with his various cameras.  I look around and I dont see images I’d like to share with the world or that I’d like to capture.  Instead I hear words describing the scene or asking questions about what could have brought what I am seeing into being.  I want to share the moment and its emotion with others.

I know, I know the whole a picture is worth a thousand words thing.

But is it really?  What if I give you just a few words…

Sun spilling around it, gleaming off rounded edges and glass sheets.  Dusky Red dulled by time and grime still harboring the memories of adventures taken to wild places.

What image does that bring up for you?

Is what you see in your head better than the reality?

What did I write about?

I dont think I “get” real photography.