How did I become the adult in the room?

Do you remember when you were a kid and everything seemed so very simple? The problems the adults struggled with seemed stupid and easily solved if everyone would just do the right thing. And it was easy to know what the right things were.

And then we grew up a little bit and discovered it wasn’t always easy to know what the right thing was. And then we grew up a little more and discovered there might be more than one right answer or none at all. And then suddenly we are the adults in the room listening to the kids who didn’t understand why the answer to the problem isn’t as simple as it appears.

Can I go back to when all the problems were simple and the right thing to do was just clear?

Should you share or not? The answer is always yes!

Don’t hit.

Be nice and use your manners.

Always tell the truth.

As a kid those rules always worked. They were the Right thing to do.


I can’t say I believe they are always the right thing to do anymore and it hurts my heart to say that because they should be. Because most people are good. Not everyone plays by the same rules though.

Some days you just need to watch puppy videos on the internet to restore your faith in the future.