Where I’ve Been

Yup that was a long break from blogging.

So while my blog posts themselves have been pretty thin on the ground I’ve been putting my time in on another project that has been happily eating up all my creative energy. Some of you may remember the failed canoe restoration of several years ago. Well that poor sad thing hung from the rafters in my garage for years gathering dust and mocking my other projects with its incomplete status. Last summer we cleaned out the garage. I insisted on bringing it down out of the rafters and sawing it in to pieces so we could take it to the dump with the rest of the junk.

With that out of the way I found it much easier to work out in the shop.  I built a consumables/cordless drill cart and a grinder stand.  Pretty soon I had my tools all squared away. The shop seemed more open and inviting.  However I didn’t really have anything I needed to build.  I don’t like to putter for putterings sake so while my shop was clean and organized I had nothing to do out there.   Then work blew up with plenty of overtime earned.  I do believe I was a bit discouraged by my 100 days failure so I utterly distracted myself by putting all of my spare energy into working with my hands on a fun little project called a Hunting Harbor Kayak.

I got the plans for free and the beginning materials were on the less expensive side so I moved right along on it until I hit the parts where my budget whined about the acquisition of more materials.  I’ve gotten as far as I can at the moment without more resin.  There are pictures of some of the process here. I’m farther along than the pictures here but need to upload them to the site

In other news, I was interviewed for a friend’s podcast, The Marriage Question.  I’m delighted and embarrassed to say Jaime and Becky say nice things about me and yet still manage to disagree with me on some points. You can listen to the episode, Forbidden Love, that I’m in on ITunes here or you can listen here

Also I’ve been painting rocks. More on that later.