Too good to be true

I have an excellent relationship with my wife.  My kid is pretty fantastic and seems to be pretty trouble free. I live in a decent house, drive a reliable car and work at a job that lets me pay my bills on time.  I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs.  Taken on the surface you might think I’m a goody two shoes.  (Is there anything more 80’s than that video?)

At the very least some suspicion might creep in that all is not as awesome in my life as it seems to be.  I must not be telling you all of the story!

Well yes and no.  Yes, I am really this happy.  I really do get along with my wife this well and yes all that other stuff is true. The “but” to that is that I’ve paid a price to get here. I’m in the happily ever after part of a fairy tale story that started with a lot of tears and pain and an epic journey that included sacrifice and loss. That journey is part of my history.  I tell pieces of it now and then but its painful and some of it is very private or may show others in a bad light unfairly.

I had to learn to be confident in who I was even when almost everyone else had reason to doubt me. I’ve made hard choices that turned aside dreams I’d held on to since childhood.  I’m headed for a different future now. Living with choices like that does change you.  It’s given me perspective about where I am at right now.  That perspective lets me look around and say Yes, its OK to be happy.  It is OK to have a good relationship and be proud of it. it is OK to be feeling joy.  How many people let themselves feel that way more than momentarily?

I’m not hiding some deep dark secret I’m just OK with myself. Its a powerful thing.  It’s an empowering thing. I hope telling my stories will help you embrace your own inner self so that you can be OK with you too.

For Anjie