Simply Music


I just want to play my music files.

I have thousand of hours of music. A Lot of them ripped from actual CD. I just want to load them on my phone and play them. But Noooooo first the computer is cranky about talking to my phone. Then once I manage to transfer a few files to my phone the music player on my phone gets cranky about finding and playing the files. Thumps head against desk.

Look I don’t LIKE ITunes. Its grabby with permissions. It is touchy about files and forgets what I was last playing. It also has a tendency to duplicate all my music files for some unknown reason which bloats the hard drive. Also my phone is an android which means no itunes on it so I need a reliable plain jane music player that doesn’t think my audiobooks and podcasts should also be part of a playlist when I hit random.

I kinda miss my simple little sandisk mp3 player. Load that bad boy up and let it play. No telling how many times I dropped that or ran it through the wash it still played just fine. It’s also the reason I have a ton of random MP3’s without all the album art or file info that lets most music players get fancy with the file and show you album art while the music is playing.

*grumble grumble*

OK I see I need to spend some time deep in my files organizing crap so I can have what I want how I want it. This is a thing A.I. would be good for. I can see it now, one day the earth will be taken over by intelligent machines all because we just didn’t want to do the grunt work of organizing our music collections our own selves. 🙂