Oh there you are!

Almost a year a go I started a 6th month course of Prozac because I was suffering from a sever bout of depression. It was a low does and I monitored my emotions to double check that it was working. After a month I can say I felt like it was working. At three months it definitively was working.  At 6 months I started the step down process while maintaining vigil on my emotions. Once off Prozac I confirmed I was stabilized and did not slip back into depression.  Yay!

Because I continually monitor my emotions I have a way of looking back and seeing where I was.  I can pull out trend lines and check to see in my calendar what was going on during highs and lows.  That’s great, because Depression is a liar.  It will tell you life is awful and will never get any better and that it has always been this way.  The data says however differently.

So now I am almost a year on and what I hadn’t realized is that even though I was stabilized I hadn’t quite recovered.  But in the last two weeks or so I finally felt like I was really me again.  Things that should excite me started to excite me again. My emotions are now tracking normally up and down. My energy level is tracking back up and my…well I guess the only way to put it is internal imagination drive is in gear again.

If feels good to be back, all the way back.

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