Change and adventure

Day 1: The sounds of soft southern drawls surround me. I’m on the last leg of a flight into Nashville. Ever so polite older white people have filled the plane. They are travelling to Nashville for a wedding. I predict there will be an exhausted but stunningly happy bride somewhere this weekend hugging her Aunt Barbara.

Me on a plane is always kind of a crap shoot. As a tall lady of size I don’t fit in the seats well and encroach on my neighbors seat territory. Luckily for two of the three legs of the flight my sister and I had a row to ourselves. Me on the isle and her on the window. One leg of the flight she gallantly took the middle seat next to me since every seat was full on the plane. Happily she is a petit person so our shoulders weren’t fighting for space. Now leg space, that no one is happy with. But I wasn’t as bad off as some of the tall gentlemen I saw around us. Airlines you suck.

We got to Nashville at almost midnight. A wall of humid air mugged us as soon as we got off the plane. Whew it has been a while since I’ve been in air this seamy.

Day 2: oh yeah I remember this. 95 degrees and all the humidity in the world. Bugs the size of small cars. Then there are the cotton fields.

My sister is great. She pulled into the grass of a two lane road so we could get this picture.

We are here to pick up the last of my sister’s stuff from storage then drive it up to Washington. Her new job is going well and its time for her to make a new life in the Pacific Northwest. It’s hard though, her life and home had been here for so long that this trip has been quite emotional.

Up almost early we struck out from Nashville, TN and headed to Huntsville, Alabama. It’s a quick two hour drive but I’d forgotten how many bugs would be committing suicide on our windshield. I don’t think I’ll be complaining about the Pacific Northwest’s bugs ever again.

Once in Huntsville we took a quick tour of my sisters previous neighborhood and saw her old house which I’d never had the pleasure of seeing before. Then we were on to pick up the moving truck and head to the storage unit. We started out with a big diesel 26′ truck but once we opened the storage unit we decided that it would be way too big. The size of the well packed unit had grown in my sisters mind over the last 9 months.

The gentleman at Budget truck rental was happy to help out and got us a smaller truck without any fuss. The truck and storage unit now being of comparable size we started loading. Unfortunately it was now 1pm

Note to those playing the home game, Fuck it was hot! Hot enough that we worked for about hour and a half and had to stop. Neither one of us is used to this climate anymore and I was unwilling for either of us to end up with heat exhaustion. So off to cool down and run another errand that comes with moving cross country then back to the unit for another hour or so of work in the heat before we called it for the day. While we could have finished yesterday evening with maybe another hours work we decided to wait for Friday mornings mid 70s temps to get the last bit.

Instead we did what you would expect. Parked the Budget truck for the night and went out sight seeing and Ax throwing.

Huntsville has a lot of historic beautiful homes to look at. And downtown is pretty vibrant with restaurants and bars. Then there was the Ax throwing club. Think of it like bowling only with axes. You rent a lane with target and axes to throw for and hour and with some provided instruction you get to try and destroy some wood with a deadly weapon for an hour. What a great way to relieve stress!

Getting the axe to stick takes a little practice. Getting it to stick where you want it to on the target takes skill. We were managing to get it to stick maybe 1 out of 5 times it. We quit after about 30 minutes which wasn’t surprising since moving heavy things in the heat had sapped us.

Tomorrow we finish loading then more sight seeing, visiting with family, moving errands and saying goodbye to a town that had been my sisters home for more that 20 years.