Tetris queen

Day 3: so that whole thing about the truck being too big was true but we might have wanted one a little bigger than the one we got. Also true is that its possible that my wife has a challenger for Tetris queen. What I saw happen this morning with the last of my sisters stuff getting fitted into the truck was pretty amazing. There was some desperate unpacking and repacking right there at the end but the fact is that everything made it in and there is room for our luggage.

Epic is the word. That was some epic level packing!

We celebrated success with a visit to the Botanical Garden.

That orange spot is a bold little butterfly tasting the flowers.

The weather threatened thunderstorms but never caught us out in the open. We had a walk in a beautiful place and good food before heading into downtown Huntsville for some more sight seeing.

My sister calls this the egg beater church 🙂

We puttered about and then took a short stroll at the downtown park where I found a painted rock.

The hashtag is #rocketcityrocks

Is was cool to find and we will relocate it to somewhere on our route back to Washington.

Tonight and tomorrow are given over to visiting with family. And adorable family it is! Grand Niece and Grand Nephew are in the house.