4 Am

Me; zzzzzzzzzz

My Brain: hey wake up!

Me: wha? Why? *checks time* Brain! Its 4am! Wtf? We have a busy day ahead. We need to sleep. We got to bed late and this is way too early to get up. Go back to sleep.

My Brain: valid points and well argued! Kudos! But we need to think about everything we are doing on Saturday plus like 90 other things! Plus remember that one time…

Me: Brain! Stop! No! Go back to sleep!

My Brain: but what about this? Or this? Or this!? Oh oh and Money! We need to think about money and well that there is always more month than paycheck so we need to think about that a lot. Also we miss Daisy. Oh and now we think about feeling guilty for not being able to afford better vet care. And…

Me: Brain!

My Brain: oh and we should also think about…

Me: Aaaargh! Thats it.

Body: oooft

Me: Cat! No you can’t lay on my face and damn it stop trying to get under the covers.

My Brain: ohhh how adorable and annoying.

Me: sigh okay. I’m getting up.

My Brain and Body: but its cold outside the covers. Lets just lay here!

My Brain: ooh look all this tossing and turning and wrestling with the cat has woken Wife, lets feel guilty about that too.

Wife: what time is it?

Me: Don’t ask!