Kayak Yak

Around April of last year I started building a Kayak. I’m using free plans from Spira Boats for the Hunting Harbor Kayak. It’s a Ply on Frame build meaning its thin plywood on a wooden frame then its fiber glassed over and painted.

I really enjoy building things and this is no exception. Working an hour here or there I got 80% done before it got too cold out in the unheated shop to do anymore fiber glassing. There were a few things I could have done but I also needed to let my budget rest as I’d over extended myself a little bit getting Good materials and not just the most readily available ones.

The weather has turned and I returned to working on the kayak which quickly began to look like an actual kayak rather and just a project. My budget is still suffering some hemorrhaging but I’ve reached a point where I think I’m about 90% done. I have to fiberglass the top fore and aft decks, put on the rub rails, do a final sand before primer and paint.

And I’ve been dragging my feet.

I couldn’t figure out what it was that was holding me back. Until it hit me yesterday. Everything I have left to do is things that people see. It’s rather daunting. This kayak is obviously Not one of the plastic kayaks that you see out on the river all the time. With it’s open cockpit design it looks rather like a canoe and a kayak had a baby.

You can see some pictures of the beginning of my build in the Making section of the website but I’m much farther than that now. (I’ll stick a picture at the bottom of this post).

Anyway I’m back at it now. There is a lot of sanding and fine details to be done as I head in to this final stretch. Then will be the painting which I’ve never thought I’m great at. so yep this is going in the water this season. I’m looking forward to propelling my self along on rivers under my own power!

A Game of Moles

We have been invaded. We are at war. 

Our roommate has decided to take a possessive interest in taking care of the lawn.  He has purchased grass seed, fertilizer and lawn care implements.  This is also our first summer in this house without our beloved Daisy dog.

Moles have moved in to our yard. The mounds of gravely dirt began appearing in the front yard and quickly spread to the back yard.

This happened once before many years ago but I made use of a quick kill buried trap for the front lawn and while we had Daisy, the mighty mole killer, no mole survived to create more than one or two small mounds in the backyard before she found them and dug them up.  The poor creatures were then proudly presented to my wife as an offering of love.

This summer though, with cancer having taken our furry protector, the invasion had no one to repel it until our roommate got involved.  Being a modern enlightened man loath to harm animals he refused the use of my kill trap and began to battle with deterrents.

Solar powered buzzing stakes now decorate our yard going off at odd intervals in a failed attempt to make our yard a less than welcoming place to our underground invaders. This did not work.

When the mounds continued to appear our roommate moved to mole repellent pellets.  At that point he didn’t want to kill them just encourage them to move on.  Since the roommate works nights this was applied (with a special spreader he bought just for this) after his shift, in the dark, with a head lamp. This also didn’t work.

The roommate then did a deep dive into research regarding the mole lifestyle and habitat.  I didn’t know this but evidently moles eat all the grubs in an area then move on.  The roommate applied Grub killer to the yard which promised to keep grubs away for 10 years.  This also did not work.

The roommate has given up on non-lethal methods at this point but was still clinging to the hope that there is an answer to these invaders in nature.  He refused the use of my quick kill trap. He has purchased special worms that are evidently poisonous to the moles. There are now little red flag indicating where he put down patches of worms in the lawn.  This also didn’t work.

The roommate has now given in to the inevitable and ordered special traps (they are supposedly the better quicker versions of my old one).  I’m interested to see if his traps work or if I will come home some day to find him in the yard with dynamite.

Podcast Efforts

So I’ve decided to become a podcaster.  The title of the Podcast is “I’ve Been Wrong Before” Basically I think I know things but maybe what I know isn’t right.  So I talk to people who know more about things than I do.  During our conversation I try to stay open to the possibility that I might be wrong and see where that leads.

I’ve gotten 5 episodes under my belt with a goal of 9 in the can before our release date of 09/01/19.

I should have a promo/introducing/trailer out a week or so before that.

On 09/01/19 I release 3 episodes with 1 episode to follow every other week with occasional mini-sodes in between.

I’m pretty excited about this and hope you will be too!


*sigh* I’m angry.  It’s been distracting me all day.  I should be working on work things right now but this weekend I just experienced 2 really big fails by people who should know better. 

My wife’s mother and father are moving away from the area. They will be living in a place we won’t visit for our mental health and safety. So this weekend was basically goodbye. I’m angry because even though I understand why they made this choice I still think it’s the wrong choice.  It takes them away from family that they should be trying to get closer too.  To me this is a very selfish choice.  It also seems very sudden.  They sprang this on us as a done decision.

They are adult so they get to make this choice. We don’t really get a say in it. The consequences of this choice though have hurt people and damaged relationships I thought they were interested in healing. This makes me sad and angry.

The other thing that right up pissed me off was to find out about a family member’s husband that thought he’d just try to kick my mother out of the house she owns and lives in.  What in the Actual fuck?

Okay so say dude doesn’t realize she’s the owner of the house, ok MAYBE that’s true. But to try to kick your over 70 year old aunt out of the home she lives in?  Who the fuck does that?

And okay lets even say he Might be doing this to get money try to take care of his mother-in-law that lives with him.  But let’s look at that shall we?  So MIL is living in a secure place with access to family and food and transportation but HE decides it’s OK to put his MIL’s SISTER out on the street????  That’s a special kind of stupid.

No, he didn’t succeed in doing more than pissing off a bunch of very nice people but he made my Mom cry and I think he’d better work on a becoming a real man because right now he seems to be a petty, stupid, little asshat.