*sigh* I’m angry.  It’s been distracting me all day.  I should be working on work things right now but this weekend I just experienced 2 really big fails by people who should know better. 

My wife’s mother and father are moving away from the area. They will be living in a place we won’t visit for our mental health and safety. So this weekend was basically goodbye. I’m angry because even though I understand why they made this choice I still think it’s the wrong choice.  It takes them away from family that they should be trying to get closer too.  To me this is a very selfish choice.  It also seems very sudden.  They sprang this on us as a done decision.

They are adult so they get to make this choice. We don’t really get a say in it. The consequences of this choice though have hurt people and damaged relationships I thought they were interested in healing. This makes me sad and angry.

The other thing that right up pissed me off was to find out about a family member’s husband that thought he’d just try to kick my mother out of the house she owns and lives in.  What in the Actual fuck?

Okay so say dude doesn’t realize she’s the owner of the house, ok MAYBE that’s true. But to try to kick your over 70 year old aunt out of the home she lives in?  Who the fuck does that?

And okay lets even say he Might be doing this to get money try to take care of his mother-in-law that lives with him.  But let’s look at that shall we?  So MIL is living in a secure place with access to family and food and transportation but HE decides it’s OK to put his MIL’s SISTER out on the street????  That’s a special kind of stupid.

No, he didn’t succeed in doing more than pissing off a bunch of very nice people but he made my Mom cry and I think he’d better work on a becoming a real man because right now he seems to be a petty, stupid, little asshat.