There’s that point when you are like I’ma eat all the things! Stand back! No Brownie is Safe Today! Today is that day. *Muppet flop* I’m not hungry. and even if I was I shouldn’t be eating that kind of crap. But I wants it. I wants it the way Golem wanted to the One Ring. I know it will make me feel like crap but I’m craving all the things bad for me today and a pan of brownies is very high on the list of wants and bad for me.


So here I am sharing my weakness and hoping that will bolster my resolve to not give in. It’s a new thing this not giving in to brownies and today is a tough day.

I want to know am I wrong to hang tough and white knuckle it through the craving? I feel like the reward is kind of tiny for the success. But then the pay off for eating the brownies is kinda small too. And there are drawbacks like emotionally feeling like crap because I gave in to the crave. I’m no stranger to dealing with that kind of emotional crap, mostly self created.

Is the pay off of eating healthier really worth it?