Episode 2 The Wrong Side

The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast

Episode 2
Host: Erin Furian
Topic: Being on the Wrong Side of History

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There was a huge march in Washington D.C. on April 25th 1993.

I was there.

This is the story of that day.

Sought Out in Virginia Beach, VA, The ex-gay ministry I was once part of, is no longer around. In fact a lot of the ex-gay ministries are out of business now. They manged to do lot of damage to a generation of gay, lesbian and trans-gendered people along the way with their now discredited teachings.

Westboro Baptist Church https://www.godhatesfags.com/

There still people out there trying to convince people that you can pray the gay away and pushing this emotionally abusive and damaging thinking.
Please dont ever let religion convince you that it is more important than your mental health or loving your own child or sibling or parent.

Washington DC Metro

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“1993 Gay and Lesbian March on Washington DC”

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