I love interviewing my friends, you guys are so nice. However as a Podcast I think that The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast needs to grown beyond that.

Ok Ok I’m the one who Needs to grow beyond that. I need to get over my nervousness and shyness (hello introvert) and try to reach out to to other people I want to interview also.

On that note I have decided to reach out to McKrae Game to try for an interview. I’m sure he’s flooded with requests right now and here’s why:

20yrs in exgay ministry I WAS WRONG! Please forgive me! ❤️Unpacking the memories. In the discussions leading up to The…

Posted by McKrae Game on Sunday, August 25, 2019

Spending 20 years in a ex-gay ministry then admitting you are wrong is a HUGE step. I’ve sent the request out but I’m not sure if this small little podcast will even register on the radar yet. But as one of my sisters of the Heart says. Don’t Ask, Don’t Get!

If you know someone who has been wrong about something then come around give them a nudge my way and see if they want to tell their story.

you can contact us through gmail at
or through faceboock