Episode 4 Instructional Assistants with Angela

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Angela is an Instructional Assistant with a local elementary school. She schooled me on what her job entails, why she does it, and why we need more Instructional Assistants in our classrooms.

Having 30+ kids in a classroom means the kids who need more help draws the teacher’s attention away from the general class. Angela helps support the teachers meet those higher need students, keeping the learning moving for everyone.

She’s putting up with poverty level pay, job instability and a lackluster school funding budget just so the kids can get the “ah ha!” moment that comes when they grasp a concept.  What can I say but this right here is a hero.

We need to support better pay for our Teachers and Instructional Assistants.  These people are answering a calling that gives back to society in an impactful and invaluable way.

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