Irritated not Intimidated

I’m not a person to be intimidated by technology.  I am also a fan of clear instructions and well documented features.  Lately I’ve been struggling with the “helpfulness” of website templates.  Yes, I get that templates make it Very easy for hosting providers to have something ready made for customers.  However, when the template is not well documented as to where it pulls info from it becomes a REAL FUCKING headache. 

I know. Let me repeat that. I KNOW what the information is that I want a particular part of the template to have.  I understand that I need to enter this information in a form that will then feed that info to the template. The problem is the fucking form is hidden somewhere in the crappy documentation.  The form is NOT in the menus that are part of the customization tab right on the dashboard of the website where it would make fucking sense to have it.

I’ve clicked through every menu and sub menu. I can’t find it.  I know it’s in the crappy documentation because I’ve accessed it before but that was 6 months ago after a similarly frustrating hunt.

WHY would you put a setting you are going to have to access at lease once or twice a year in the documentation?!  WHY isn’t it part of the customization tab?  Also why does all the documentation assume you are using the basic (free) version OR the enterprise version of the software and not the tiered paid structure that probably 50% of people use? Half of the documentation doesn’t even apply to what I’m doing!  GAH!

Oh and I Just love the FAQ that says cant find when you are looking for go check out the user forum where someone else may have already solved your problem.  Yah know what programmers? IF a problem happens often enough that it has a fucking forum thread on it means YOU did a bad design job. AND you wrote a piss poor FAQ.

Now the part that is really irritating me is that after I go through all of the searching and the forum hunting and the googling and youtubing to figure this out and still cant find what I’m looking for I crack open that “Contact Us” form and get a trouble ticket with an automatic response asking if I’ve tried searching the forums, FAQ and google before contacting them. *head desk*