Upcoming Podcast episodes and small changes

The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast is happy to announce that the next two episodes:

What is Incite Queer Writers Read? With Kate Gray and Kate Carroll de Gutes; upload date 03/01/2020

Tall Kate and Bowtie Kate (listen in to find out who’s who) graciously stopped by the studio and talked about what Incite is, how it got started, and why it’s important.  I think you will enjoy our chat.

Lying for a living with Steven Brust; upload date 03/15/2020

Author Steven Brust counts himself lucky to be a working writer with a long career. It still amazes him that people pay him to tell stories for a living. Steven kindly sat for a long skype interview where we touched on such things as whether he thinks of himself as an artist, how explaining his politics get tiresome (spoiler there’s a FAQ he’s had to come up with) and the difference between reading his books and listening to them on audio.

More Than Dreaming Studios will be doing a little site maintenance trying to fix broken links and making sure our funnels to the site work correctly so if you find any not working links please make sure you contact us at wrong before podcast at Gmail dot com or you could send us something on the site contact form although that seems to be completely reserved for spam about casinos that will make us rich or Russian girls that are horny for us.

Facilities upgrade note: At the insistence of our sound engineer we’ve added a second microphone.  It’s another AT2100 (it was on sale squee) this makes in studio guests and off site recording a lot easier.

You gotta push the button

“Failure is Always an Option” – Adam Savage

Well it finally happened. I’ve had scares before where I didn’t think I recorded an interview, but it turned out I had but at a really low volume.  Thank you Anjie for making that listenable.

But yesterday, yesterday I bit the big one.

I had a fabulous interview with Todd Cochrane the CEO of Blubrry who happens to be my podcast hosting provider and a sponsor of this show!  I did my research had my questions ready and we were off.  Todd is an experience interviewee.  He has great stories.  We discussed how he started Raw voice and Blubrry.  How he got into podcasting and what he thinks really grew his audience.

It was a great interview.  We talked for 45 minutes and it was a nice clean conversation without weird trackbacks or call drops or someone going off on a wired off topic nonsensical rant or having coughing fit. I’d even had to reschedule once because of a conflict with my uncles memorial on our first time slot.

Mr. Cochrane is on the east coast so in order to accommodate his schedule I set up and “recorded” on skype from my office day job after hours since my commute home would have had me be late for the interview. I was a little nervous because this is a dude that if the interview went horribly it would have made me look pretty bad.

Well I think the interview went great!

I just didn’t record it! *facepalm*

As we ended our conversation he even said to let him know when I would be airing it so he could promote it. ARGH!

So this morning I had to write an email and own up to my mistake.  That was a ugly bit of embarrassment to swallow.  Yumm, tasty tasty pride.  Sigh. Yes, I asked for another interview.

Not sure yet if I will get another chance at an interview though I hope I will. Or if I still have a sponsor.  Though I really hope I do!

If you would like to help with that please please please share my post and tell people about for my promo code

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Sigh, After all this is a prime example of being wrong and that is what The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast is all about.

I was so wrong about what it’s like to be disabled

During Erin Ehm V Blatchford I got up on my soapbox a little bit.  It’s my microphone I can rant if I want to. What I didn’t know is that the Tuesday after that episode aired, I’d end up going on a journey into what its like to have a disabled spouse with limited mobility.

My wife, and the I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcasts sound engineer, was injured at her day job. The injury has resulted in a lot of constant pain, the inability to walk, and a battle of wills with the workmen’s comp insurance people.  My type extroverted, walk 5-6 miles a day wife, is suddenly unable to cross the house or stand in front of the stove to cook her own meals, or stand up in the shower, or walk through a grocery store. Or in fact go to just about any store that doesn’t have one of those little electric carts for a disabled person to use.  Also, it being Christmas time is means me dropping her off at the door that Does have the electric carts then circling the lot to find a parking space some where in the outer reaches.

After being trapped in the house for a week and her getting tired of having to wait for me to walk in from outter Mongolia whenever I did take her to the one or two stores that have the carts, we asked for an got a temporary disabled card from her Doctor and DMV.  No at least she feels like she’s a little more normal and can get from the parking spot to the building under her own power.

My heart, is a do for herself kind of gal. She’s the one who takes care of the family.  Having to have others do for her is a blow to her sense of self.  Being in pain constantly is draining. Couple that with not knowing yet how long this will last or exactly what’s wrong (thank you slow ass insurance company) and you get a seriously grumpy wife who is looking for anything that helps her to feel normal.

Guys she decided by herself that she needed to get a wheel chair so she could go to stores that don’t have the electric carts.  That’s both a big step in taking care of herself and an admission of how much pain trying to walk with her fucked up leg is.

So, I’ve been experiencing second hand how little our world is designed for people who aren’t fully able bodied as we learn how to navigate with her injury.  She can’t drive because it’s her right leg, so I must get her to all her appointments and that leaves her without the use of the car while I’m at work.  There is only so much she can do at home sitting with her leg elevated. And sitting still for long has never been her strong suit.  Then as soon as I get home, we load her up in the car for whatever appointment or errand she has or just to get her out of the house!

Once out we must deal with people who don’t look at wheel chairs or carts and almost aim to be right in the way.  People dodging in a wheel chair is Not easy! Also, have you noticed that stores don’t make their isles wide enough to navigate with a shopping cart let alone a wheel chair. Throw in that everything is designed for someone at standing height. Counters become barriers. Isle displays become obstacles. Clothes racks become mazes. And suddenly nothing is within reach. Not to mention doors with out handicap auto openers might as well be brick walls.

And that’s just the inside of stores.  The next time I see someone parked in a handicapped spot with out a tag You can bet you ass I will be confronting them.

Now if we can just get the damn insurance preapproval for the MRI we might be able to find out What is fucked up in my wife’s knee that makes it hurt so bad she can bend it more than a few degrees.



Hey guys

I want to share with you a big reason why The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast got off the ground.

Anjie Furian

Seriously that’s the big reason right there.  I got everything together for the podcast and got my first couple of interviews recorded. But the editing is when I ran into issues that I had no familiarity with.  My wonderful wife asked if she could help.  I was leery.  Not because I didn’t think she could do it but because I didn’t want to rope her into something that I viewed as a long term project and that I wanted to do regularly.  I didn’t think it would be fair of me to ask for help and then expect her to just always edit every episode.  I had done the work of setting up and planning to do this I’d told her what I was doing but I was clear that she didn’t have to participate.

But when I ran into trouble, she was right there knowing what she was signing up for and willing to come along side me an join the podcast as sound engineer.

I am thankful for her.

Love you babe!

Fiddly Bits

The hardest thing about doing this podcast has been the 900 million decisions that all interact with each other. A lot of it comes down to figuring out what I want the end product to be and then working backwards to get to the point where I am aiming in the right direction to make that happen.

I had a blog before I had a podcast and I didn’t want to lose the 400 or so regular followers I’d built there. But try as I might I couldn’t financially justify sticking with that platform as I built the podcast.

Now I’m trying to work out how to convert followers into listeners. But it seems to be a different world. That’s a decision where again I have to look at my end goal to figure out how to proceed.

Stretch and Grow! Bitch and Moan!


I love interviewing my friends, you guys are so nice. However as a Podcast I think that The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast needs to grown beyond that.

Ok Ok I’m the one who Needs to grow beyond that. I need to get over my nervousness and shyness (hello introvert) and try to reach out to to other people I want to interview also.

On that note I have decided to reach out to McKrae Game to try for an interview. I’m sure he’s flooded with requests right now and here’s why:

20yrs in exgay ministry I WAS WRONG! Please forgive me! ❤️Unpacking the memories. In the discussions leading up to The…

Posted by McKrae Game on Sunday, August 25, 2019

Spending 20 years in a ex-gay ministry then admitting you are wrong is a HUGE step. I’ve sent the request out but I’m not sure if this small little podcast will even register on the radar yet. But as one of my sisters of the Heart says. Don’t Ask, Don’t Get!

If you know someone who has been wrong about something then come around give them a nudge my way and see if they want to tell their story.

you can contact us through gmail at WrongBeforePodcast@gmail.com
or through faceboock https://www.facebook.com/IveBeenWrongBefore/