Upcoming Podcast episodes and small changes

The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast is happy to announce that the next two episodes:

What is Incite Queer Writers Read? With Kate Gray and Kate Carroll de Gutes; upload date 03/01/2020

Tall Kate and Bowtie Kate (listen in to find out who’s who) graciously stopped by the studio and talked about what Incite is, how it got started, and why it’s important.  I think you will enjoy our chat.

Lying for a living with Steven Brust; upload date 03/15/2020

Author Steven Brust counts himself lucky to be a working writer with a long career. It still amazes him that people pay him to tell stories for a living. Steven kindly sat for a long skype interview where we touched on such things as whether he thinks of himself as an artist, how explaining his politics get tiresome (spoiler there’s a FAQ he’s had to come up with) and the difference between reading his books and listening to them on audio.

More Than Dreaming Studios will be doing a little site maintenance trying to fix broken links and making sure our funnels to the site work correctly so if you find any not working links please make sure you contact us at wrong before podcast at Gmail dot com or you could send us something on the site contact form although that seems to be completely reserved for spam about casinos that will make us rich or Russian girls that are horny for us.

Facilities upgrade note: At the insistence of our sound engineer we’ve added a second microphone.  It’s another AT2100 (it was on sale squee) this makes in studio guests and off site recording a lot easier.

You gotta push the button

“Failure is Always an Option” – Adam Savage

Well it finally happened. I’ve had scares before where I didn’t think I recorded an interview, but it turned out I had but at a really low volume.  Thank you Anjie for making that listenable.

But yesterday, yesterday I bit the big one.

I had a fabulous interview with Todd Cochrane the CEO of Blubrry who happens to be my podcast hosting provider and a sponsor of this show!  I did my research had my questions ready and we were off.  Todd is an experience interviewee.  He has great stories.  We discussed how he started Raw voice and Blubrry.  How he got into podcasting and what he thinks really grew his audience.

It was a great interview.  We talked for 45 minutes and it was a nice clean conversation without weird trackbacks or call drops or someone going off on a wired off topic nonsensical rant or having coughing fit. I’d even had to reschedule once because of a conflict with my uncles memorial on our first time slot.

Mr. Cochrane is on the east coast so in order to accommodate his schedule I set up and “recorded” on skype from my office day job after hours since my commute home would have had me be late for the interview. I was a little nervous because this is a dude that if the interview went horribly it would have made me look pretty bad.

Well I think the interview went great!

I just didn’t record it! *facepalm*

As we ended our conversation he even said to let him know when I would be airing it so he could promote it. ARGH!

So this morning I had to write an email and own up to my mistake.  That was a ugly bit of embarrassment to swallow.  Yumm, tasty tasty pride.  Sigh. Yes, I asked for another interview.

Not sure yet if I will get another chance at an interview though I hope I will. Or if I still have a sponsor.  Though I really hope I do!

If you would like to help with that please please please share my post and tell people about for my promo code

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Sponsored by: Blubrry Podcasting – Launch your Podcast the Blubrry Way


Sigh, After all this is a prime example of being wrong and that is what The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast is all about.

I’ve Been Wrong Before

So I started a podcast.

I’ve wanted to do a podcast for a while but had just dreamed about doing it.  So how did I go from dreaming to doing?

I’ve blogged on and off since 2001 on various platforms from LiveJournal to my own website to WordPress. I’ve written stories for fun since I was in kindergarten. My fiction has ranged from good to horrible to porn to romance to science fiction. I tried a little writing for a friend that was making a comic book and discovered that I don’t appreciate the art of the graphic novel enough to make the effort to adapt my style so that was a no go.  But regardless I’ve been writing fiction most of my life.

What I’m saying is I’ve had experience with writing. I have zero experience interviewing people.  What did I want to do with my podcast?  Interview people!

Do I have any experience acting? Nope!

Do I have any experience with public speaking? Minimal!

Do I have any experience with standup? Noooooo!

Do I have any technical or radio experience or knowledge about the equipment? Hell no!

So what makes me think I can do a podcast? Well for one I was inspired by others.

The first podcast I ever listened to was the Metamor City Podcast by Chris Lester.  He managed to produce a full voice cast serialized audio book with a gripping story line. It’s great and kept me sane during a pretty dark time in my life. It’s changed a little since the full voice cast days but the story quality is fantastic. I highly recommend it. That podcast was my gateway drug. Then I discovered that NPR had podcasts also. I dove in.

It was radio without the annoying commercials. Podcasts where I could learn about stuff or hear more than just the headline of a story. And there was a ton of people talking about things I was interested in. From movies to religion to science to cosplay and making. It’s all there!

*happy sigh*

Quality varies wildly from podcast to podcast.  Podcasts also come and go with alarming frequency.  The podcastverse is filled with amateurs and pros alike. It’s still a newish medium that the big corporations are just now figuring out reaches an audience they can make money off.  That wild variety of quality is exactly one of the reasons I thought I might be able to do this thing called Podcasting.  The entry bar seemed low. I didn’t have to be good to begin with.  I could learn as I went.

So, I started researching.  YouTube was my friend. I even went the dead tree route by buying a book, Podcasting for Dummies. The authors had advertised their own podcasts on Chris Lester’s so I recognized the names. Then I actually read the book. 

This wouldn’t be quiet as immediate and easy as starting a blog or setting up a channel on YouTube.  Hosting large high-quality audio files is not something you can get for free. Making it so you can be found? Also not as easy as putting up a blog. And a big question rang in my head of “who is your audience?”

It’s possible at this point I hit information overload.  Because I didn’t think I had any experience with the technology or a clear idea of what I wanted the outcome to be I shelved the idea for a bit.  It became a desire but not something I was acting upon. 

Then I turned 50

I didn’t think it would be a big deal to me but I was also coming out of a season of depression and poverty and it turned out to be more of a big deal than I expected. I had been doing “this” all my life and it hadn’t gotten me where I wanted.  “this” being wanting something but not going the extra mile to get it. I’ve got a seriously odd set of skills that I’m sort of good at but nothing that I’d really developed past the hobbyist stage.  Then I hit 50.

I guess I had to grow up sometime

I implemented some changes.  I lost 35 pounds. I assessed my budget. I set my jaw. I buckled down and I told my fear to take a back seat while I gave this shit a try.  And that’s how I started a podcast.

Oh you wanted to hear about me magically discovering I was amazingly great at podcasting and interviewing people.  About me instantly going viral and now I have tons of listeners?

Sorry people. That isn’t how this works. Starting a podcast is work. I had to figure out my format. Get the equipment. Figure out how to record and then actually put up cash to pay for hosting all while learning 30 new things that are truly outside my comfort zone. I had to prepare for interviews. Fail at recording properly. Try for interviews beyond my friends and get turned down. Along the way I’ve discovered I enjoy this, and I am not Horrible at it.

Now I have even more work.  SEO, listener engagement, to advertise or stick with word of mouth, did I properly set up the feed so pandora will pick me up? And who the hell are those guys on YouTube with a similar show name??! it’s not easy. It’s work. Its deadlines and expectations and striving for quality.  Its not magic but it might, just might, be a little magical.

Go on, go check it out!

The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast

Podcast Efforts

So I’ve decided to become a podcaster.  The title of the Podcast is “I’ve Been Wrong Before” Basically I think I know things but maybe what I know isn’t right.  So I talk to people who know more about things than I do.  During our conversation I try to stay open to the possibility that I might be wrong and see where that leads.

I’ve gotten 5 episodes under my belt with a goal of 9 in the can before our release date of 09/01/19.

I should have a promo/introducing/trailer out a week or so before that.

On 09/01/19 I release 3 episodes with 1 episode to follow every other week with occasional mini-sodes in between.

I’m pretty excited about this and hope you will be too!

Where I’ve Been

Yup that was a long break from blogging.

So while my blog posts themselves have been pretty thin on the ground I’ve been putting my time in on another project that has been happily eating up all my creative energy. Some of you may remember the failed canoe restoration of several years ago. Well that poor sad thing hung from the rafters in my garage for years gathering dust and mocking my other projects with its incomplete status. Last summer we cleaned out the garage. I insisted on bringing it down out of the rafters and sawing it in to pieces so we could take it to the dump with the rest of the junk.

With that out of the way I found it much easier to work out in the shop.  I built a consumables/cordless drill cart and a grinder stand.  Pretty soon I had my tools all squared away. The shop seemed more open and inviting.  However I didn’t really have anything I needed to build.  I don’t like to putter for putterings sake so while my shop was clean and organized I had nothing to do out there.   Then work blew up with plenty of overtime earned.  I do believe I was a bit discouraged by my 100 days failure so I utterly distracted myself by putting all of my spare energy into working with my hands on a fun little project called a Hunting Harbor Kayak.

I got the plans for free and the beginning materials were on the less expensive side so I moved right along on it until I hit the parts where my budget whined about the acquisition of more materials.  I’ve gotten as far as I can at the moment without more resin.  There are pictures of some of the process here. I’m farther along than the pictures here but need to upload them to the site

In other news, I was interviewed for a friend’s podcast, The Marriage Question.  I’m delighted and embarrassed to say Jaime and Becky say nice things about me and yet still manage to disagree with me on some points. You can listen to the episode, Forbidden Love, that I’m in on ITunes here or you can listen here

Also I’ve been painting rocks. More on that later.


Post Frequency

Okay so after 62 days in a row of posting I’m going to have to pull back a on the reigns a little bit.  Like I said yesterday the pieces I am now writing are taking me longer than a day to finish.  Mostly because I only have so much free time during the week to write.  Weekends also have priorities that override spending more than a couple of hours writing.  Darn that whole loving and being engaged with my family thing.

So I call Format Change!

Here is how this will work.  During the week, Monday thru Friday, I may or may not post depending on if I have something to rant about or a little something to share about my feelings or process.  Saturday will be for reviews or recommendations.  If I have nothing to review or recommend there will be no post.  Sunday will be either a chapter in a longer story or a full piece itself.

My site stats review tells me that Sunday night is when most people check out the blog.  it also tells me which type of posts are the most read.  I seem to be doing okay with my Categories and Tagging SEO because folks are still finding and reading me.

I Love writing something every day.  I love that its a new habit that I’ve prioritized the time for. I also need to make sure that doing this blog doesn’t become a job that drains me or that I resent.  So Self Care it is.  I still have a place to come where I can cast my voice into the hurricane of content that is generated every day but that I can do it without the pressure of Having to do it while still having the option open to doing it.  Well that was convoluted! The short version is: I intend to nourish my joy.

I also love having a goal as motivation so having Sundays as my day to post as a goal for each week seems really reasonable.

Okaydokey thanks for your time and attention and please if you dont enjoy the current blog entry try back later !


little vs long

I am discovering that most of the stories I want to tell are longer than I have time to write in one day. This is conflicting greatly with my desire to post something every day. So I either need to break up the stories into sections, which I’ve done for a couple of posts, or I need to figure out how to be more concise.

I am not a concise person when it comes to writing stories.

So what to do? Abandon my posting every day? Increase  my time writing? Unfortunately I don’t have a ton of more time in my day I can give over to writing to create content faster. I have this pesky thing called a job that requires that I actually work at in order to receive money to pay bills. This blog doesn’t pay bills. I have barely monetize anything about it yet. Any adds you see are strictly for WordPress’s gain not mine.

So this post is a delaying tactic while I consider my options and get some more writing done. I’ve picked most of the low hanging fruit from my short short stories. I could roll over into ranting about politics but I am loath to go there. So quality or quantity? Can I manage both?

Stay tuned!

Untitled document

Oops I did it again

I did it to myself again. Overscheduled. It was kinda not my fault a little bit but I should have compensated and push back some time with friends so I had more free time this weekend. First there was month end reports which mena extra hours at work then work was a bit more hectic than usual because we have a price increase we are working through.

Friday I stayed up late because I wa having a hard time getting to sleep which was bad because Saturday was the boys participation in National History Day with his group project that he’s been working on all school year. It started early and turned into an all day thing. Then Sunday was visit with one of my favorite high energy people. Which was awesome! We were going to play games but instead played the getting caught up game which means we chatted away with each other for the entire time instead of getting down with some board games.

Now I’m winding down finally and looking forward to an evening alone when the wife will be out at a concert and I can just hang out and read. Or as I like to call it Introvert recharge time!

I must not forget my introvert mantra though 1 thing a weekend is not bad!

The care and feeding of an introvert

General update

I am recovering from a massive head cold. I still have the snuffles which is annoying as fuck but most of my energy has returned. Last weekend I was still pretty low key. I’d been out sick from work for two and a half days then gone back to work on Friday to try and get caught up. I sounded like a frog, one that sneezed every 2 minutes and had been smoking for twenty years. I was over the fever portion of the cold but still felt like I’d been run over by a freight train. I am not ashamed to say I was ready for bed at like 8 pm on Friday night.

Saturday and Sunday I was very low energy even though the weather was fantastic all I really wanted to do was vegetate in front of the TV alternating that with napping while upright. My wife and the Boy unfortunately were ready to be active. There is a point in being sick where you feel well enough to look like you aren’t dying but when you expend energy you quickly become drenched in sweat and start feeling like crap. I was at that point.

I tried to help out my wife with her projects, one was cleaning out the front coat closet. The other was of adding shelves in the storage room. Both times was me being upright and helpful for 5-10 minutes before I started dripping sweat and needing to sit down. I was totally good for sitting there and keeping her company but this woman was operating at speed so it was best I was out of the way. I tried to be supportive and effusive with my praise between needing to blow my nose.

For the past couple of years we have been weeding through our stuff. We are not minimalists but my natural tendencies lean towards a spartan well ordered environment while hers lean towards colorful, soft and cluttered. The combination of the two has improved both of our lives. I now have color and cushions in my life and she has a neatness she’s always wanted but didn’t quite have to the extent I perpetrate.

Now we are quick to discard or donate anything we don’t use or that has become obsolete or broken. When we find a place in the house that has started gathering things we no longer use it gets sorted and emptied. Twenty seven mid-weight blankets? Keep our two or three favorites the rest go to Goodwill. There is always a bag by the front door for clothes that the boy outgrows or that we find we no longer wear.

This past weekends project emptied out the games closet of board games we no longer play. The nice, complete, and undamaged games are going to a new community center project. We didn’t really need three sets of Chess anyway. We never played a couple of the games more than once, not because they aren’t fun but because if we have the choice we will always pick similar but different games we like more. We kept the games we liked more and got rid of the others. So Parcheesi stayed and Sorry went. Uno stayed and Skip Bo went. The 3 decks of ultra worn out Playing Cards went in the trash and we opened the two new sets that had been sitting in the box for years. By the time my wife was done with the sorting there were three very full bags of games ready to be donated.

Now when we turn on the light in the games closet we can see what we have. The games on the shelves won’t topple over on you if you try to pull out Catan. All of the crappy plastic poker chips have been discarded since the cleaning unearthed the nice Poker Chip Set that had been buried behind 50 other things. If you just want to play Yahtzee you can find the game pads, dice cup AND all the dice without digging through all the games. My wife does good work.