Episode 15: Embracing Change with McKrae Game

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Episode 13: Embracing Change

Guest: McKrae Game

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McKrae Game
McKrae Game

Former Ministry Leader and speaker McKrae Game was fired by the board of the ministry he started to help Christians struggling with homosexuality when he could no longer keep to himself that he didn’t think God hated gay people.  Well that and his porn habit. After more than two years of processing that firing and coming to accept himself, he came out as a gay man in July 2019.

He asked for forgiveness from his former clients and began speaking out against Conversion Therapy. McKrae obviously missed having a mission in life and is turning to embrace being a front-line advocate for banning gay conversion therapy.

In this interview McKrae shares his view of life now that he’s out and coming to grips with what that means for himself and his family.

Find out More about McKrae https://www.facebook.com/mckrae

Ex-ex-gay?  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ex-ex-gay

Conversion Therapy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conversion_therapy

Exodus International https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exodus_International

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Married 3 times divorced once

I’ve been married three times and divorced once.

No really!

The first time I got married I had the big church wedding with the walking down the aisle and my sister as my maid of honor. The white dress, the receiving line, and table of people at the reception that neither my husband or I knew. My dad walked me down the aisle. My grandmother sang during the ceremony. My husband and I were virgins who had waited for each other. It was special day filled with good memories.

My husband asked for a divorce after we had been together for more than ten years because I was in love with someone else. He was my best friend, strong advocate, and a worthy partner. I respect him and always think of him with genuine love and friendship. He deserves the happiness he’s found with his new wife and the children they’ve had. Our divorce was ridiculously easy legally. I grieved the relationship because I had meant every word of my vows to him. We may not have always been happy or the best people for each other but we tried to be.

The second time I got married it wasn’t legal for two consenting adults of the same sex to marry. We didn’t care. We got married anyway. But we did it our way. The party came before the ceremony. The whole wedding was Fairy themed because we felt like this was the beginning of our happily ever after. And we took our vows just as seriously then as anyone who could marry legally. Children played in oobleck while adults drank homemade beer. My face was actually sore the next day from smiling and laughing so much. It was a special day that my love and I married on. The date was the day we had first said I love you to each other.

Six years to the day later we signed on the dotted line as a legally married couple with two witnesses and a Dudeist Priest to officiate in a small upper apartment. Then we took our little wedding party out to dinner and celebrated with good food and conversation.

All three of my weddings were amazing days that I can look at and genuinely call the best days of my life. They were filled with love and friends and happiness. They were what a wedding should be. I am thankful for each of them. I am thankful for both my husband who became my friend and my friend who became my wife.