Steven Brust

Episode 18: Lying for a living With Steven Brust

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | Spotify | RSS | MoreDon’t for get to subscribe!  Find all our episodes at The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast Episode 18: Lying for a Living Guest: Steven Brust Sponsored by: Blubrry Podcasting – Launch your Podcast the Blubrry Way Author Steven Brust counts himself lucky to be a working writer with a long career. It still amazes him that people pay him to tell stories for a living. Steven kindly sat for a long Skype interview where we[…]

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4 Am

Me; zzzzzzzzzz My Brain: hey wake up! Me: wha? Why? *checks time* Brain! Its 4am! Wtf? We have a busy day ahead. We need to sleep. We got to bed late and this is way too early to get up. Go back to sleep. My Brain: valid points and well argued! Kudos! But we need to think about everything we are doing on Saturday plus like 90 other things! Plus remember that one time… Me: Brain! Stop! No! Go back to sleep! My Brain: but what about this? Or this? Or this!? Oh oh and Money! We need to think[…]

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Thank You for your Service

Thank you for your service. I hear that phrase again and again whenever I mention my time in the Navy. My facebook page is peppered with it on Veterans Day. Frankly I’m a tad uncomfortable with that phrase. Not because I’m unpatriotic or dont think being in the Navy wasn’t a sacrifice but more because I don’t think people really understand what they are thanking me for. They just want to feel good for doing it. A lot of time I don’t feel like the person thanking me gets it all. It was only once I was in and understood[…]

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