Q: Doesn’t Erin write a Blog?

A: Yes! Besides hosting The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast Erin writes all of the blog posts for “Furian”, her own personal blog that is part of More Than Dreaming Studios.  She also writes all of the show notes for the I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast.  Here is what she says about her blog:

Erin: The main reason I stated the blog was for me to practice my writing and to share that with others. It’s morphed into writing updates for More Than Dreaming Studios and show notes for the episodes as well.  You should always be able to find my ramblings and sorta true stories the posts for More Than Dreaming Studios.

What’s this “Sorta True Stories” thingy mean…

Well, as Erin writes her recollections of events she tries to stay to the facts as she recalls them. However that may be boring or things maybe unclear without context so while she sticks to the facts she might also tweak a post so that the humor in the situation is emphasized or change a name or fact so that someone isn’t identified or made to look stupid or their feelings hurt without due cause. First and foremost though  recognize that these are recollections recollections. Even if Erin is writing these down Exactly as she remembers them, the fact that the events are viewed through her own perceptions may make her experience different than someone else’s that was right there with her experiencing the exact same thing and that their story of the event would be mighty different.

So that Sorta True Stories tag is to indicate all of that in shorthand.